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Discover the Auxois and the local area

Many sites, cities, villages to discover in a circle of 50 kilometers around Semur-en-Auxois.

Arnay-le-Duc (57km)

Regional House of the table Arts, Tower Motte Forte, and around : the Milléfolia gardens, the Fouché pond

Avallon (35km)

Saint-Lazare church, exhibition center of costume, Avallon museum, glassblower, and around : Cousin Valley, village of Noyers-sur-Serein, village of Montréal.

Montbard (19km)

Buffon Museum, museum of fine art, and around : forges of Buffon, Castle of Montigny-Montfort, castle of Rochefort, apothecary of Moutiers-Saint-Jean, castle of Ancy-le-Franc.

Pouilly-en-Auxois (41km)

The boat La Billebaude, the tunnel of the vault, Cap Canal and discovery circuit, the Madone path, and around : castle and village of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois, the Saint-Etienne monument in Créancey, the locks 5, 8, 12, 14, the lake Panthier, village of Mont-Saint-Jean, the Eguilly castle, the village and castle of Commarin.

Précy-sous-Thil (12km)

Castle and church of the knoll of Thil and around : the port and the Burgundy canal at Pont-Royal (Clamerey), the promotion center for the draught horse in Bière-les-Semur.

Saulieu (29km) :

The Saint-Andoche basilica, the Pompon museum and around : castle and rye museum of Menessaire, the Abbey of Saint-Jean the evangelist at Bard-le-Regulier, the Saint-Agnan lake, the lake of Chamboux, the House of the Morvan Natural Regional Park at Saint-Brisson with the museum of the Resistance, landscapes, the pond Taureau…

Sombernon (43km)

The city of Sombernon and around : the cliff of Baulme-la-Roche, the lake of Grosbois, the House of tools from former times at Civry-en-Montagne.

Venarey-les-Laumes (13km)

Nid de la Caille stand pipe, the Romans bridge, and : Gorsline Museum, Saint-Antonin church at Bussy-le-Grand, castle of Thénissey, tile industry of Grignon, the pigsty place of contemporary art, the fortified villages of Salmaise and Frôlois, the Seine sources.

Vitteaux (23km)

The Belime House, the Saint-Germain church, and to observe from the outside : the Halle, the observation tower, the ancient Minimes Convent, the saucer, and around Vitteaux : the Ozerain sources, the Auxois park at Arnay-sous-Vitteaux, the castle of Sainte-Colombe-en-Auxois.

tourisme semur

tourisme semur

Discover the medieval city of Semur in Auxois, its municipal museum, its history and its exceptional architecture. Discover its high city and its suburbs by the river Armançon. Dynamic city, Ideally situated between Paris and Lyon in Auxois Bourgogne. In 7 km of the heat exchanger of the highway A6 and in 20 km of the TGV station of Montbard.

tourisme semur

tourisme semur


2 Place Gaveau
21140 Semur-en-Auxois
03 80 97 05 96

tourisme semur

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